Recipe: Never Fail Pie Crust

never fail pie crust

Another one from my grandmother’s recipe box.

She always had a large can of Crisco on her shelf. I think that’s what made the crust so flaky.

As you can see from the stains, this is a recipe I’ve used myself. It really is never fail.

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2 responses to “Recipe: Never Fail Pie Crust

  1. OMG! Crisco and pie crust recipes! I think we had a “never fail” recipe in my family, too. (Thanks for liking my post, btw. Nice blog!)

    • Thanks for looking. I think this is a classic found in most family recipe boxes. When I make pie now (infrequently) I usually opt for butter. Can’t say I have Crisco or Wesson oil in my pantry. Even so, my grandmother did do a lot of great and healthy cooking through the 60′s and 70′s including shopping at local farms and canning.

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