Pouf with Blanket Storage

blanket storage ottoman

For the past several weeks I’ve been looking at a large pile of blankets, just itching to be put away. In lieu of jamming all the unused winter blankets into one of our overflowing closets, I decided to hide them in a small pouf. I’ve had a bunch of upholstery samples kicking around for a while and this seemed like a good opportunity to put them to use.

How to:

  1. Press the fabric. Use something thick and with body to help the cube stand up.
  2. Measure and cut (4) 16″ x 20″ rectangles for the sides
    Make sure your pieces are perfectly square
  3. Measure and cut (2) 16″ x 16″ squares for top and bottom.
  4. Add a long zipper on one end. About 20 inches is good.
  5. Sew up all the seams with a 1/2″ allowance.
  6. Jam in as many blankets as you can. Otherwise the pouf won’t have enough body to stand up.

My small pouf contains five blankets including a thick wool Pendleton and two down comforters. That’s a lot!

If I wasn’t making my own, some of the other poufs I’ve had my eye on…..

Andalusia Dhurrie Pouf at West Elm

Traditional Indian Pouf at Overstock

Traditional Indian Pouf (Set of 2)

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8 responses to “Pouf with Blanket Storage

  1. Sew Smug

    What a brilliant idea! You’ve made my cogs whir!! :)

    • Thanks so much! It really was quite easy. I’m happy to have the blankets out of sight and my son is happy for the extra cushy seat to roll around with.

  2. Clever! Great idea, I’m always ramming things in cupboards onlynto have them fall out onto me!

    Might try it with a spare duvet I’ve got that is getting in the way!

  3. What a great idea! And it totally fits in with my philosophy of using your “stuff” to decorate your house rather than buying stuff to decorate it! :) I’m pinning this! :)

    • Yes, I try to use what I have before buying new fabric. It’s amazing how many blankets you can get inside. We are still stuffing and I think I can get another blanket or two in as well. Thanks for looking and happy sewing!

  4. larooblog

    brilliant! such a good idea… (and much cheaper than those lovely, but pricey, west elm options :))

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