Birthday Name Flags

My son has a summer birthday. He has always felt jealous of the kids with birthdays during the school year because they get to bring cupcakes and celebrate with their classmates. This year we are having a summer birthday party in the classroom for the four kids born in July and August. Because it seems a little unfair that they are celebrating together instead of individually, we are trying to make it a little special by having an ice cream cake–CARVEL!– and party favors. I just finished  these paper flags for each one of the birthday kids.


To make these, I ripped the flags off 4 American flags from the drugstore. Drilled holes in blocks of 2×4. Made the designs with colored paper and glued everything together. I thought it would be good to secure the flags in the blocks of wood so that there would be less temptation to use the flags as swords after the party. They are for a group of 7 and 8 year olds.



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Pinch Pots

Pinch Pots

A collection of tiny pinch pots — one of my first forays into ceramic making. Bisque-fired terracotta, slip colored and un-glazed, the tallest one is about 3 inches tall.


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June 18, 2013 · 10:35 am

more hooked rugs from Cheticamp, Nova Scotia

fish in the sea Hooked Rug Pope Queen Elizabeth

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Associations. It’s June and the roses are in full bloom. These were my grandmother’s favorite flower—her garden was filled with them, and their sweet scent always reminds me of her. Thanks, quaintly scented, audaciously colored June roses.

June Roses

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Cape Brenton Hooked Rugs

A stunning abstract rug from the Museum of the Hooked Rug and Home Life in Cheticamp, Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia.

you can see more here…

Cape Brenton Hooked Rug

Cape Brenton Hooked Rug



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Recipe: Grandpa’s Popovers

recipe grandpas popovers

My grandfather used to make the highest, most beautiful popovers. This is his recipe.

I think the trick is to whip the batter really well and not undercook them. If the popovers aren’t crisp enough on the outside they tend to fall flat as they cool and there isn’t that wonderful contrast between the crispy outside and the creamy, eggy inside. A real popover pan works best.



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Recipe: Spoon Bread

spoon bread recipe

Another recipe from the grandma archive. Yumm.


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